Vanished [adjective]

Definition of Vanished:


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Sentence/Example of Vanished:

But Andrew, with the chestnut running like a red flash beneath him, had vanished.

The delusion has now vanished, and made room for sober reason and reflection.

A moment later they were on the downward slope, and she had vanished from their view.

All the fear, all the sweet shame that I had felt before him vanished.

My troubles grew too great to bear, then vanished in an hour.

My dear mother, every hope which made me so happy only two hours ago has vanished.

Even the helmet, that covered him with its invisibility, had vanished!

When the last berry had vanished, she slipped down from the tall chair.

"But he disappeared—the emperor disappeared—he vanished," persisted the scholar.

My anger and disgust at his gross earthy egoism had vanished.