Vanquisher [noun]

Definition of Vanquisher:

person who wins

Synonyms of Vanquisher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vanquisher:


Sentence/Example of Vanquisher:

"You are seven times worse than I," said he to his vanquisher.

The horse and arms of the vanquished belong to the vanquisher.

The victor was always to be vanquished, the vanquisher was always to be victor.

But when the vanquisher doesn't come, it's necessary for her to do something.

Then he realized that gold is not always the vanquisher of every obstacle.

Often, Sir, has the more guilty been the vanquisher of the less.

Now let them stand forth and give out the prize of victory which the vanquished shall pay to the vanquisher.

He will be like Hector, who draws the admiration of the world a thousand-fold more than Achilles, his vanquisher.

But a greater man than Eardulf was also a visitor and careful student of the vanquisher and lawgiver of the Western world.

It seemeth to me that mighty bowman and vanquisher of armies was their refuge, as Vishnu of the celestials.