Vanquishing [verb]

Definition of Vanquishing:

defeat soundly

Synonyms of Vanquishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vanquishing:

Sentence/Example of Vanquishing:

There is not another instrument can be discovered, to disarm and vanquish the human mind.

The Church was peace—peace from the noise of life, and strength to fight and to vanquish.

Are you so tame and so poor-spirited that a threat is to vanquish you?

Before his party was victorious it had to vanquish most determined opposition.

It admits their impotence to vanquish the loyal forces in open battle.

I know thou oft hast told me a kiss could vanquish all denial.

Vanquish't by right we must be, since Victory loveth the heedful.

No one could be so discourteous or impolitic as to vanquish the king.

It seeks to vanquish the refractory and arouse the indifferent.

One taste, as a rule, proved enough to vanquish their prejudices.