Vaporous [adjective]

Definition of Vaporous:


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Sentence/Example of Vaporous:

It is an element which has no right to this country, except in a solid or vaporous state.

The air is close and vaporous; the domed chamber is damp and musty.

Under this vaporous pall, the fighting was sharp and desperate.

She was standing in the corridor, looking out at the vaporous English landscape.

How quiet it looked, and, under that vaporous veil, how profound and inscrutable!

Oil paintings are only permissible when dreamy and vaporous in tint.

The whole world seemed to be lifted and swimming in vaporous brightness.

She seemed also to be vaporous—all but her face and her radiant golden hair.

My fear fell from me as if it had been a vaporous garment which dissolved in the warmth.

How freely they coursed through him, how fluid they were, how vaporous, how easy to breathe!