Vaqueros [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vaqueros:

While the vaquero was talking the invaders came into view, riding fast.

The vaquero, therefore, did all in his power to make his guests comfortable for the night.

The vaquero with his horse soon dragged the vicuñas to the hut.

But yesterday a vaquero gave me the news that she has lately died.

Another interval of silence succeeded to the narrative of the vaquero.

The first was clothed in leather from head to foot, like the vaquero of some noble hacienda.

They rode in silence, with the loose seat and straight back of the vaquero.

In half-an-hour after, with the vaquero for my guide, I rode quietly out of the rancheria.

"Perhaps not, but we'll try," answered the vaquero, as we tore onward.

I am a vaquero, and here I reside; Show me the broncho I cannot ride.