Variations [noun]

Definition of Variations:

difference; alternative

Opposite/Antonyms of Variations:

Sentence/Example of Variations:

Oh, how delightful it was to watch the variations of his countenance while I spoke!

Can we give any reason for these variations, except experience?

Variations of hyphenation from the original document have been retained.

Variations in spelling and hyphenation have been retained as in the original.

Each of these variations may be the starting point of a new species.

Who can describe the marvels, the variations, the mystery of Grace?

Although there are a number of variations, two outstanding types are recognizable.

It must not be supposed that all these variations of his inward state were made manifest to the world.

The theme is not absorbing, and the variations are proper to the theme.

Hence the variations of her conduct to you; for when his power was upon her, she could not do as she pleased.