Variegated [adjective]

Definition of Variegated:

diversified; varicolored

Synonyms of Variegated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Variegated:

Sentence/Example of Variegated:

Tulips are opening their variegated cups, and daffodils line the walls.

Do not manure the ground for golden or variegated leaved shrubs.

There was a confident impelling forward of the shaft of the variegated standard.

The gills are attached, not broad, ascending, variegated with gray and black.

The gills are adnexed, dark slate-colored, variegated with black spores.

The tail of the former kind is variegated in a circle; of the other, white at the side.

Thus he fell, and his armour, variegated with brass, rang about him.

The beauty in its variegated stone with the sunlight upon it attracts me.

With them were "ladies' men," in variegated golf-stockings and gorgeous hat-bands.

The largest of their family is the teguexin, or variegated lizard.