Varmint [noun]

Definition of Varmint:

person who is unprincipled, does not work hard

Synonyms of Varmint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Varmint:

Sentence/Example of Varmint:

I'd just like to look along the barrels of my gun at the varmint, as Jim calls him.

I object, if you're meaning to tackle the varmint alone and single-handed, Phil!

I saw the critter when I was on the island—more'n that, the varmint chased me.

A white man "cried" me off just like I was a animal or varmint or something.

Knowing only that he was "varmint" I endeavoured to kill him quickly with a spade.

They oughter be a black oak about here with a varmint hole in hit.

I begun to fear that the varmint had a cave, and so, cuss him!

"The varmint shall be speedily unearthed," said Wilder, rushing to the spot.

There is no more cunning or treacherous a varmint than a true-bred red-skin.

We must keep ahead of them varmint for a mile or two, and then they will settle down.'