Varnishes [verb]

Definition of Varnishes:

add a layer to; embellish

Synonyms of Varnishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Varnishes:

Sentence/Example of Varnishes:

He drew a match along the arm of the chair where the varnish was worn off.

After they are well buttered, varnish them all over with a feather, dipped in the yolk of an egg stirred up with a little beer.

For pales and weather boards this varnish is superior to paint, and much cheaper than what is commonly used for that purpose.

This varnish will set, or keep its place on the silk in four hours, the silk may then be turned and varnished on the other side.

Nice, slick-lookin' craft she was, too, all varnish and gilt gorgeousness.

He cast his eye around upon the prevailing hair-cloth and varnish.

But a dab of varnish, a touch of gilding here and there, was all that was necessary.

She imagined it all new, fresh with varnish, piled up as in a warehouse.

The paint and varnish drop from the woodwork like so much sand.

There's the varnish, too, like earth on each side of a furrow.