Vassal [noun]

Definition of Vassal:


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Sentence/Example of Vassal:

She had, indeed, given up her position as queen of the less to be vassal of the greater.

King Gunther receives the fair Recken into his service as a vassal.

The second is a king who was a vassal of Tiglath-Pilezer, king of Assyria.

The Duke looked sharply at him, then turned his gaze on his vassal.

Highness—tell me, your Highness, a vassal doesn't amount to much, does he?

I'll round up this spook tonight for good, and then the vassal's task is done.

For, in the end, was not the Duke of Cleves a vassal of the Emperor?

And he will become your vassal, and do homage for the kingdom of Spain.'

I will take nothing from you, and henceforth will neither be your friend nor your vassal.'

He signed to the girl to retire with the air of a grandee dismissing some vassal.