Vastly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Vastly:

If I am capable of judging, our tempers and inclinations are vastly different.

He was vastly astonished at the outset and not quite pleased.

"I would'nt have believed it possible," she declared, vastly impressed.

With all her sophistication, Tillie was vastly ignorant of life.

"You are vastly mistaken, my good friend," said the observer.

All this is vastly wonderful; but I wish you had not awakened me so soon.

My independence, my horror of submission, even in appearance, annoyed him vastly.

The atmosphere of my soul is vastly clearer than when I wrote you last.

His knowledge of the world was vastly superior to mine, and I was all attention to learn.

All this may be vastly right—it is a pity it is so tiresome.