Vaulted [adjective]

Definition of Vaulted:


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Sentence/Example of Vaulted:

We go into the court-yard through a vaulted archway on the eastern side.

"Amalia," shouted Olivo, so loudly that the vaulted ceiling rang.

Then, with an agility quite remarkable, he vaulted into the saddle.

Presently Duncan came crashing through the wood and vaulted the wall.

A ripping crash like the crackle of lightning in the vaulted room!

The church was empty, quivering with the silence that fell from its vaulted roofing.

The air hung close over their heads like an unseen, vaulted roof.

Then he vaulted to the saddle, tugged at the curb, and the horse reared.

There are some other apartments with vaulted chambers underground.

The roofing which remains is executed entirely in stone, but not arched or vaulted.