Vaults [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vaults:

Only the cashier and Alan Porter knew that it was in the vault.

With that he locked the vault, and returned to the upper air.

Arthur's answer was to put on his hat, and vault away with the paper.

In a vault near that of Kilor's there is a great spool of it.

We found the Regent dressing in the vault he used as his wardrobe.

She saw Lee rise up, and with a hand on one of the hills, vault over it.

But when they go to banquet and festival, then they move up the steep to the top of the vault of heaven.

And into what a heaven—a vault as of hell, sooty black, from which soot descended!

He saw him vault into the saddle, and he saw him vanish into the adjacent woods.

And can he vault among swords, and turn upon a wheel, at his age?