Vaunted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Vaunted:

I vaunted my love for history, biography, the poets, but spoke lightly of fiction.

Where is all your vaunted skill if you can not save her life?

Mac was clutching his shoulder, stirred for once out of his vaunted "deegnity."

The vaunted Council was "a fleshless and bloodless skeleton."

Its vaunted gains, when we come to look closely at them, disappear.

But where can we find any evidence of the vaunted obedience of woman?

For all the vaunted mechanisms of our time, the air here was heavy and fetid.

The dream was from heaven, and not all the vaunted wisdom of this world could interpret it.

But he was treated considerately, though he vaunted intolerably.

I did not believe much in the vaunted powers of the Boers with the rifle.