Veering [noun]

Definition of Veering:


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Sentence/Example of Veering:

It was veering northwards every minute, and rising to the force of a hurricane.

The wind had veered, and in veering had fallen a very little.

The voice might be veering a trifle too far to the hearty side; but that was all.

All night long she seemed to be veering her course, attempting to escape from her pursuer.

She strove to steady herself, as a ship will right up for a moment in veering.

The sun soon after setting, the shadow changes, veering round to his rear.

Then he as sedulously drilled them in tacking, veering, and other manoeuvres.

Grief sprang to the wheel and put it hard over, veering the Mahhini to port.

The guess hinted at a clue of some sort to the secret of her veering.

It was veering, it had veered, I thought; it was not possible for me to trust it implicitly.