Veers [verb]

Definition of Veers:

change direction

Synonyms of Veers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Veers:

Sentence/Example of Veers:

If we do not veer we will be upon the rocks within the hour.

We dared not veer so as to bring the ship on the other tack.

Forrester recognized that his thoughts were beginning to veer once more.

It might veer and fall still more before they should be reached.

Then, turning to the crew: “All hands stand by to veer ship!”

Why didnt you veer around a bit, and lead them toward the railroad?

My heart does not veer like a vane for every breath of praise or passion.

And it was proof of Nagger's quality that he did not have to veer from the stallion's course.

Thus "the cable runs out to the clinch," means, there is no more to veer.

Strive as he would against it, he must veer to the north, toward the pear trees.