Veining [verb]

Definition of Veining:

make a line on

Synonyms of Veining:

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Sentence/Example of Veining:

We choose our dinner not by the wrappers, but by the veining and gristle of the meat within.

You might follow the veining of a leaf, for example, and work from vein to vein.

In the leaf the floss is sewn down with split-stitch, which forms the veining.

This is a useful tool for outlining a pattern or veining leaves.

There is but few markings upon it and next to nothing in veining.

How is the veining made to appear as if coming up to the surface from the interior?

All lines on the front, which are not edges, can be cut with a veining tool.

The Quince-leaf, in Fig. 112, shows this kind of veining in a leaf with a single rib.

They eat out the body of the leaves, so that just the veining is left.

The quay was of marble, white and sparkling with a veining bright as gold.