Veldt [noun]

Definition of Veldt:

grassy field

Synonyms of Veldt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Veldt:


Sentence/Example of Veldt:

For with the fall of darkness and the larger silence of darkness, the veldt awoke.

In all their magnificence they stalked abroad, lords of the veldt.

They divide the veldt into a series of rough parallelograms.

It is not fair to judge new troops on their first day on the veldt.

The word "veldt" is Dutch, and the word "illimitable" is Double Dutch.

The Dutch veldt may be a little more desolate than Birmingham.

He had even loved one of them—after the rough and ready fashion of the veldt.

At twelve they stayed in a welcome piece of shade for their first veldt meal.

"Say, then, will you sit here on the veldt, or——" and he nodded towards the river.

I wonder how much you minded when you heard your husband was lying dead on the veldt?