Velveteen [adjective]

Definition of Velveteen:

resembling velvet

Synonyms of Velveteen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Velveteen:


Sentence/Example of Velveteen:

He wore a fur cap, and shorts, and was of the velveteen race, velveteeny.

The gentleman in the velveteen jacket was entirely roughed in.

He wore a fur cap and shorts, and was of the velveteen race velveteeny.

For hunting he preferred the blouse and the velveteen trousers of the peasants.

There the turf was smooth as velveteen, padded and holed by the rabbits.

The joining of the velveteen should be near the seam in the back.

Velveteen is a warm and durable kind of cloth, and is most useful.

Velveteen chanced upon Marinero's daughter, and got her to pose.

He seized Mr. Aiken's velveteen sleeve, and held him at arm's length.

And the man with the velveteen coat and red sash, do see his big sombrero.