Velvets [adjective]

Definition of Velvets:

resembling velvet

Synonyms of Velvets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Velvets:


Sentence/Example of Velvets:

See to the broadcloth and velvet that the rogues bear upon their backs!

They were dark, luminous and velvet soft as they watched my struggle.

There were other and still other banners, in velvet or in satin, balanced at the end of gilded batons.

She had no gloves, and a bit of the velvet binding of her skirt was loose.

Around its roots is velvet turf, and there are wild violet beds.

The broad pads of their feet were spread wide and in contact with the snow were like velvet.

A velvet twilight seemed to rise out of the heart of the valley.

Some twenty men appeared, all clothed in black and masked in velvet.

The vapour arising from the wet cloth will raise the pile of the velvet, with the assistance of a whisk gently passed over it.

An Irish Secretary needs the hand of iron in the velvet glove.