Venality [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Venality:

It is but fair to say that venality is not one of the characteristics of the German bureaucracy.

He was furious at times with the venality of his associates.

I was charged with indifference, with cowardice, with venality.

For all the venality of Europe was not confined to the Continent.

Its uncleanness lacked the element of venality; that was all that could be said.

Valens had been badly punished for his imprudence and the Romans for their venality.

The venality of her administrative system had been increased.

The avarice and venality of Rome were repulsive equally to priest and layman.

Vice, venality, and treachery are said to be the capital offences of his career.

With reason they will be accused of venality, corruption and injustice.