Vendee [noun]

Definition of Vendee:

someone who purchases

Synonyms of Vendee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vendee:

Sentence/Example of Vendee:

You have failed in your duty to provide adequately for the army of Vendee.

They may quarrel as they like, in Paris, but it does not concern La Vendee.

I'll be with de la Rochejaquelein and the army of the Vendee to-morrow night.

Detricand, Prince of Vaufontaine, was no longer in the Vendee.

To France—yes, that was it, to the war of the Vendee, to join Detricand.

Were it not for you, my bones would now be lying in the Vendee.

During this year the pacification of the Vendee was effected.

The news that all La Vendee was in insurrection astonished and infuriated the Convention, which at once took steps to suppress it.

Doubtless a small body will hang together, and still try to regain La Vendee; but we shall have done our duty.

Of course, at that time La Vendee had not risen, and it was not a crime worthy of death to own an estate there.