Vendors [noun]

Definition of Vendors:

person who sells wares

Synonyms of Vendors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vendors:

Sentence/Example of Vendors:

For years she had figured on the beach as one in the riot of vendors merely.

Again there sounded in the distance the voices of the vendors of evening papers.

The auctioneer stared with amazement at her simplicity, and said, "What would the vendors say to me?"

At the foot of the Spanish Steps are the vendors of flowers.

As Sunday is a 111 fte-day, the vendors do a thriving business.

The vendors call out their wares in what seems at first a tongue all their own.

The people, vendors and buyers alike, were dusty and ragged.

In this first enclosure are the vendors of buyos, cigars, sweetmeats, and foodstuffs.

In the day they were vendors of matches—in the evening manufacturers.

Cottom & Stewart was a firm of publishers and vendors of the latest in literature.