Vends [verb]

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A patent is granted for the right to make, to use and to vend.

In 1510 an alliance was also formed between Sweden and the Vend cities.

But John Fletcher was not on the station corner to vend his wares.

They say that if the preachers get hold of it they will vend it from their pulpits.

That he will not have to go out into the market-place and vend his wares!

He has no literature to vend, but he does not despair on that account.

They manufacture and vend basi, and prepare the salted meats.

Still less important than the Bundehesh is the gloss on "Vend."

How much was it to be regretted, that it had become the interest of any set of people to vend them!

This is a case of deep interest to that important portion of the bibiliopolist profession who vend their wares on stalls.