Veneered [noun]

Definition of Veneered:

pretense, front

Synonyms of Veneered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Veneered:

Sentence/Example of Veneered:

Or is it a factory, disguised with a veneer of the Puginesque?

A second time I glimpsed the Slav behind his veneer of civilization.

Some have no veneer like this boor, and some have the polish, but they are all the same underneath.

Truthfulness is essential to culture, which, without it, will be only a veneer.

This veneer had come unloosened in many places and was split up.

The sloughing off of the veneer of civilisation was not rapid, but it was sure.

Is it merely a veneer, a coat of paint laid on from without?

In the stress of his anguish Conan's veneer of civilization had fallen from him.

For this we require a cardboard or veneer base and a number of stales.

As a veneer material, it is demanded in four times the quantity of any other species.