Venerated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Venerated:

At least I venerated his thorough understanding of what was to me a splendid mystery.

Why, then, did he address the ancestors by the venerated names of grandfather and grandmother?

It is said to be for this peculiarity that the scarabæus was venerated by the ancient Egyptians.

They had venerated him, and many of them had never set eyes on his person.

He was a Toltec deity, and was venerated as the god of the air.

The 23d which I have the honor to command, yesterday venerated you as an ancestor.

Nevertheless, everywhere the mystery of the tomb is venerated.

He would wed her, and the old homestead she venerated should be hers indeed.

His pictures, his relics, are venerated as with the devotion paid to a patron saint.

It is one of the oldest and most venerated sanctuaries of India.