Vengefully [adverb]

Definition of Vengefully:


Synonyms of Vengefully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vengefully:


Sentence/Example of Vengefully:

"I'll attend to the costume," said the Lady Fani vengefully.

“Somebody will wish he had stayed honest,” muttered Hamp, vengefully.

He vengefully marked the waybill of the parcel that had exploded.

Vengefully now the “Krags” opened in reply to Remington and Mauser.

Ulrika glared at her vengefully, then drew herself up with an air of defiance.

It was terrible to her that Dan could be so bitter—so vengefully cruel.

"And now I suppose the rowdies are eating up the supper," finished Greg vengefully.

And in a huff, like the big boy that he was, he flounced about, vengefully striding on as though punishing her for a misdemeanor.

It fell in front of us on the edge of the road, and delivered its shrapnel as vengefully as if it had fallen in the Boche lines.