Venom [noun]

Definition of Venom:

poison; hating

Synonyms of Venom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Venom:

Sentence/Example of Venom:

Yet his heart still seemed to fester with the venom of the dagger.

Cursed be the serpent that bit you and had not sufficient power in its venom to kill!

In the gloom I could not see his venom gathering, but I could almost smell it.

His venom against the white race was only the further increased.

Even in society, the venom of party was suffered to intrude.

But that it was no more than a mask for his fury and his venom was plain to all.

We avoid venomous reptiles, but we do not pause to reproach them with their venom.

The Chevalier's eyes flashed a glance that lacked no venom at his son.

Nor did Buck fail to appreciate the venom the other flung into his words.

So he gave rein to the venom which he could never long restrain.