Vented [verb]

Definition of Vented:

let out; express

Synonyms of Vented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vented:

Sentence/Example of Vented:

And when I had vented my rage, still the question recurred, what was to be done?

"Hysterical," he said to himself, calmer now that he had vented his feelings.

Then Mahoudeau vented his rage against that brute of a Chaine!

The days when they came home in a rage, it was on her that they vented it.

And now and again, the boy, as he ran or walked, vented a sob.

The Indians had vented a yell of rage when the pony had dropped.

He would have vented his displeasure upon her as readily as upon Hito.

It's all a personal matter, and Overton has vented his spite on me.

She took up her lessons and vented her energy in getting them out.

These officers then repaired to Vienna, vented their complaints, and were heard.