Ventilated [adjective]

Definition of Ventilated:

aired out

Synonyms of Ventilated:



Opposite/Antonyms of Ventilated:


Sentence/Example of Ventilated:

I am sorry you did not, for it would have brought to light some things which have not yet been ventilated.

The building is lighted, heated, and ventilated in the most modern fashion.

But does that go to show that a question should not be ventilated?

The shack is ventilated by a chimney hole in the roof as shown by Fig. 146.

I believe a house should be ventilated to the bottom instead of the top.

A large number of theaters are ventilated on the upward system.

The Vienna Hofburg Theater was ventilated on the same system.

He shall cause every room and the passages to be ventilated.

The chamber should be ventilated at least once a day, or twice if it can be borne.

At Conferences of postal employees, a number of grievances were ventilated.