Ventilates [verb]

Definition of Ventilates:

air out; make known

Synonyms of Ventilates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ventilates:

Sentence/Example of Ventilates:

Now I had either overventilated or failed to ventilate my room.

Sometimes there are openings through the core from end to end to ventilate and cool it.

The first thing to be done is to open windows and doors, and to ventilate the apartment.

To air Plants, and ventilate Rooms wherein they are contained.

What fun it was to dig him out, and ventilate his musty nest of fish-bones!

My dear, the object of a meeting is to ventilate the subject.

The window had been opened for a few inches at the top, no doubt to ventilate the room.

He does not want to ventilate the mine—he has his own reasons, of course.

Go on, now, and tell me how you purpose to ventilate the mine.

These are broad questions that a man of liberal mind dare not ventilate.