Ventures [noun]

Definition of Ventures:

gamble, attempt

Synonyms of Ventures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ventures:

Sentence/Example of Ventures:

He is very modest, though—just ventures to hope for success.

For the next'—she shrugged her shoulders—'it must be one of Baron Rudiger's ventures.

Clark had not remained with the settlers as he had other ventures.

"There generally is at an auction," ventures Luttrell, mildly.

He studied to please her, and succeeded in that as in his other ventures.

The major writes in this very letter that no one ventures north of the Platte.

He ventures the attempt, which ends in little else than his own execution.

Some of our ventures, I regret to say, have been unsuccessful.

Both my ventures, in the "slow race" and the "scrub race," had collapsed.

No one ventures there after dark, as it has a very evil reputation.