Venturous [adjective]

Definition of Venturous:


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Sentence/Example of Venturous:

What he had seen them do, and the justice of his cause, made him too venturous.

Presently some venturous hound may discover an entry from behind.

With her venturous climbings, and tumbles, and childish escapes.

"He might, he might; he is a venturous man, or so I remember him in my youth," answered Emlyn.

My Father, as was his wont, proceeded next to this venturous undertaking.

He escaladed the path, left it, returned to it, quick and venturous.

His actions are bold and venturous, and more full of hazard than use.

They seemed to vie with each other in daring and the venturous exploits they would undertake.

They withstood their attacks in the plain, and their venturous courage was not without success.

It was just one of those difficult and hazardous enterprises which was congenial to the venturous spirit of Carson.