Verb [noun]

Definition of Verb:

action word

Synonyms of Verb:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verb:


Sentence/Example of Verb:

Again it may be the first part of a verb like "be-come" or "be-have."

But the margin has it "of thy servant," which does not agree with the person of the verb.

The infinitive is often used in poetry after a verb of motion where we should use the present participle.

Another fallacy is produced which turns on the absoluteness of the verb 'to know.'

Iris also appears to have been called from the verb 'to tell' (eirein), because she was a messenger.

Before other verbs are declined, it is necessary to learn the verb Esse, to be.

The eccentricity of his verb indicated only the perfection of his tact.

Reardon had reverted to oldest associations and forgotten his verb.

The verb ‘to damn’ in all its parts and relations had been one of them.

Few words are more elastic and adaptable than the verb substantive.