Verbal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Verbal:

Callers can leave a verbal message in the phonograph instead of a note.

The Crucifixion.marvellous picture by an effort at a verbal account of it.

None, sir—I came off at a moment's warning—my message is verbal.

But no riot or verbal explosion followed the opening of the door.

It was wrong to trust any one with a verbal message in the cabinet of a fox.

If he be ill and cannot write, tell him that he may trust you with a verbal answer.

"Better not, mamma; a verbal 'happy to see Sir Harvey,' safer," was the answer.

This statement is not so much of a verbal exaggeration as may be supposed.

Both these men were amenable to the influence of verbal suggestions.

Under patrol of verbal promise the prisoner was permitted to attend the burial.