Verdigris [adjective]

Definition of Verdigris:

emerald in color

Synonyms of Verdigris:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verdigris:

Sentence/Example of Verdigris:

It was in the narrow stretch where the Verdigris come close to the Arkansas.

Verdigris is an acetate of copper, or a mixture of acetates.

The principal exports must be gunny bags, verdigris, and iron rust.

Arsenic and verdigris are sometimes used, but it does not answer.

The manufacture of verdigris at Montpellier is altogether domestic.

No verdigris should be allowed to accumulate on any brass fittings.

We were all in a doleful state, having been poisoned, I think, with verdigris.

Oxymel of verdigris is stimulant, detergent, and escharotic.

The Creek agent and some of the traders on the Verdigris also rushed to the post for protection.

Verdigris, blue vitriol, and alkalies, turn it more on the blue; whilst a mordant of tin imparts a violet cast.