Verdure [noun]

Definition of Verdure:


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Sentence/Example of Verdure:

But with me, the verdure and the flowers are not frostbitten in the midst of winter.

It seemed to the young couple as if they were being rocked on a sea of verdure.

All around were lofty mountains covered with verdure and glory.

They had swept the country of its verdure, and left a trail of desolation behind them.

Under the warming, germinating sunlight, the verdure sprung.

The vine foliage that tosses and climbs and coils in league on league of verdure.

They are very pleasing from form, verdure, and the water breaking in their vales.

You ask what this verdure may be, of which you have never seen the like.

So by the soft leaves screened, the porch might flourish in verdure.

The earth is clothed with verdure, and the trees put forth their leaves.