Vermilion [noun]

Definition of Vermilion:

color of blood; shade resembling such a color

Synonyms of Vermilion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vermilion:


Sentence/Example of Vermilion:

Her mouth, the vermilion of her lips, and her ivory teeth were all perfect.

Her lips, like bits of vermilion paper, stared as from an idol's face.

They will work, as I have seen, with wax hardened with vermilion or softened with lard.

Her vermilion colour had faded, and left her face deadly white.

The lead is what gives the inside of the trough its vermilion color.

They mark the forehead of the bride with vermilion (sendur).

Mr. Hamlin implanted a chaste salute on its vermilion cheek.

This I will do that my brother may be released from the vermilion tower.

The ceilings of its gilded roofs were of cedar painted with vermilion.

The colours most useful are ultramarine, vermilion, and chrome yellow in powder.