Verminous [adjective]

Definition of Verminous:

dirty, polluted

Synonyms of Verminous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Verminous:

Sentence/Example of Verminous:

We had been warned by many travellers of the verminous condition of Spain.

The vessel was verminous, the food was bad, and the heat was oppressive.

She shuddered as if some verminous thing had been held up to her gaze.

You never saw such a verminous tangled mess in all your life.

There is nothing for it but to throw the loathsome, verminous thing away.

These men were ravenous and verminous, but they had by no means lost their hope and faith.

They were dirty and verminous, and spread infectious diseases.

She has certain exploratory movements which convince me she is verminous.

They have been known to enter human dwellings, removing all the verminous insects contained therein.

I shall only remark, that worms, and all verminous diseases, very evidently owe their origin to the nature of their food.