Vernaculars [adjective]

Definition of Vernaculars:

native, colloquial

Synonyms of Vernaculars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vernaculars:

Sentence/Example of Vernaculars:

"'It is not the custom,'" wearily quoted Kingozi in the vernacular.

The jokes are in the vernacular, but in a vernacular as spoken in a certain social medium.

He was, if you will pardon the vernacular, on the outside, looking in.

This court is overrun with Jesuits, and we must needs adopt their vernacular.

She said this in the tone of one consciously assuming the vernacular.

He told his story in a vernacular racier than I dare to copy; but it came to this.

These were what were known in the vernacular as "on-marchantable shingle-bolts."

He used no slang, and retained scarcely a word of his boyhood's vernacular.

Vernacular (from verna, a slave born in his master's house).

Stannard would use the vernacular of the frontier when at all excited.