Verruca [noun]

Definition of Verruca:

small growth or lump on the skin

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Sentence/Example of Verruca:

Amongst the Verrucid they are known in its one genus, Verruca.

Verruca obliterata in bucca dextra et alia in nasi dextro latere.

Verruca plantaris, or plantar wart, is observed on the sole of the foot; it may be single or multiple.

Those who favor the use of salicylic acid for the removal of verruca, usually apply a 60 per cent.

Many practitioners find nitrate of silver a serviceable remedy in cases of verruca.

Verruca, ve-rū′ka, n. a wart, a glandular elevation: one of the wart-like sessile apothecia of some lichens.

Verruca (perhaps Dos Trento), near Trient, description of the fort of, iii.

Verruca therefore means primarily a steep cliff, and only secondarily a wart.