Versatility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Versatility:

Scarlatti, born in 1659, was a composer of great originality, as well as versatility.

The more I knew of Miss Taft the more her versatility amazed me.

Each piece was his own, each piece was the product of his own versatility and his own strength.

The following may serve as an instance of their versatility.

The versatility, the mental agility, of the children is as remarkable as their activity.

Wealth and versatility of imagination were not Vigny's gifts.

One could but admire the sparkle and the versatility of the man.

When omniscience was denied us, we were endowed with versatility.

The new secretary alarmed his patrons by his versatility and energy.

With the versatility of a child, his thoughts were all on the enemy he had provoked.