Versed [adjective]

Definition of Versed:

experienced, informed

Synonyms of Versed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Versed:

Sentence/Example of Versed:

I am versed in the great sciences of astrology and astronomy.

How Vuillaume became so versed in the history of his craft does not appear.

In geography, history, and the multiplication-table she was versed.

While not versed in subtle interpretations, it is alive to the right of a little wrong.

So he thought of them, not versed yet in the complex Sicilian character.

Not so versed as they was he in the details of political science.

Mother, you are versed in the books of wisdom and can see that which is hidden to our eyes.

And now and again some Bigwig versed in science murmured the word 'Fats.'

Procopius, who was versed in medicine, was the historian of the period.

But, above all, he ought to be versed in the art of standing aside.