Vertically [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Vertically:

From the center draw two lines (E) at an angle and one line (F) vertically.

If the cone is cut off vertically on the dotted line, A, the curve is a hyperbola.

Then he enlarged the hole and slightly deepened it vertically.

Basal ring violin-shaped, with ten to twelve flat lamellar, vertically descending feet, about as long as the ovate sagittal ring.

This point is marked by sticking a fine needle into the paper, vertically.

This lap is for the buttonholes, which are made vertically, three or four in the lap.

Some of the mines are more than a mile deep (vertically), the deepest in the world.

The frame was enclosed with slabs, pinned on vertically, and pierced with loopholes.

They stood up to put the pole in, and dropped it vertically.

We must have made two hundred, vertically, since this morning.