Vertigo [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vertigo:

All at once a vertigo seized him and he thought he was going to faint.

But for the musician, particularly for the song-bird, there is the vertigo of instant applause.

Dick Boobitrapp is a kidnapper and a confederate of Vertigo.

The vertigo is a symptom of inirritability, as shewn in Class IV.

She cowered within the chair as one stricken with a vertigo.

He clung by foot and hand magnetic pads, sick with nausea and vertigo.

Pierson had a sort of vertigo; if he had moved, he must have fallen down.

Mrs. Forbes with the vertigo, in a small carriage, would be inappropriate.

Was it vertigo, or did the ladder or the Tower itself sway in the singing wind?

The balloon descended so rapidly that it gave us the vertigo.