Vestibules [noun]

Definition of Vestibules:

small room for arrivals

Synonyms of Vestibules:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vestibules:

Sentence/Example of Vestibules:

We were within the vestibule before he had begun to toll the years.

We passed the vestibule, and at the door his own carriage was waiting.

In the vestibule he slipped a half-crown into the attendant's hand.

Thereupon Morange showed his guest into the vestibule as if he were ushering him into a temple.

Surely there were voices in animated discussion in the vestibule!

Then, on entering the vestibule, he saw something that he had never seen before.

The ten names on the boxes in the vestibule meant nothing to him.

In the vestibule I met the negro; I seized him by the collar and demanded my room.

This is a building divided into a nave and aisles and with a vestibule.

Our progress from the vestibule to the stairs was a slow one.