Vestment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vestment:

The Queen, at her coronation, is said to wear a Roman Catholic vestment, is that a sham?

Just as Karl opened the door, the priest put on his vestment and began to say prayers.

The bishop was to wear a rochet, a surplice or albe, and a cope or vestment.

This is what monks and friars do now; they put the vestment over the habit.

"It's all as one, and just as sure as if the priest had on the vestment," was the reply.

Item, one vestment of blewe velvett with a cope to the same.

His singing-gown was a vestment, and he learnt its fashioning at college.

At his death the pope bequeathed this vestment to the cathedral of his native town.

The shepherd, be it remarked, has on a vestment peculiar to Blake.

You are forgetting that the petticoat is a vestment unknown in China.