Vestry [noun]

Definition of Vestry:

church room

Synonyms of Vestry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vestry:


Sentence/Example of Vestry:

By the time they entered Tiverton Street, the vestry was full of chattering groups.

He drove on, almost to the vestry, and found no trace of her.

You'll find a fire in the vestry, on account of the painters.

At Rettenden, Essex, there is a room over the vestry which has evidently been an anchor-hold.

He returned the bottle to his pocket, and went to the vestry for his surplice.

He saw Mr. Bonnithorne, who was at the head of it, go into the vestry.

He elbowed and edged his way through the crowd, and got into the vestry at last.

They were all in the vestry now, standing together in a group.

In the vestry he approached the bride and muttered the conventional wishes.

And they followed him into the vestry, attended by the two witnesses.