Veteran [adjective]

Definition of Veteran:

experienced, seasoned

Opposite/Antonyms of Veteran:

Sentence/Example of Veteran:

But among the veteran speculators the feeling was conservative.

The veteran at the stern we could not see, but doubtless his skill was equally remarkable.

"To-day I am only a soldier, Major Heyward," said the veteran.

A sad mishap it is, for he was a skilful leader and a veteran soldier.'

Saying this, she delivered the standard to the veteran warrior.

"All kinds," was his rebuking answer, and I took off my hat to the veteran romanticist.

He felt no incongruity in the veteran Parmenides correcting the youthful Socrates.

The men running from the grade fell into line like veteran soldiers.

It was in the year 1840; the veteran Braham was to appear as Henry Bertram.

One would have thought that Sandy was a veteran in everything but farming.