Veterans [noun]

Definition of Veterans:

person with much experience; particularly in war

Synonyms of Veterans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Veterans:


Sentence/Example of Veterans:

Many of them were as young as he or younger, but they were now veterans of battle and march.

These veterans were proud, and justly so, of their reputation.

These men and a few others were veterans like Hornigold himself.

But before time was called a fourth goal was placed to the credit of the veterans.

He marched in, he and his veterans, into the famine-stricken city.

The veterans passed, and Adam drew back and was lost in the crowd.

They were so grievously wrong, those other veterans, and he was so absolutely right.

A few minutes later even these veterans felt that they had had enough.

Rames, a mere captain, in command of two thousand of my veterans!

They were left over from last anniversary day by some of the veterans.